Cornell Donates Computers to L.A. Grimes School of Law


 In furtherance of the longstanding ties between the two institutions, Cornell Law School donated thirteen computers to the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law on 3 February 2017. Madam Jackie Sayeh delivered the computers in the Conference Room of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.  Madam Jackie Sayeh is an alumna of the University of Liberia and a Fulbright scholar who is also a staff of the Cornell Institute of African Development.

She recounted the age-old relationship between the two institutions that dates far back as 1966 and assured the Louis Arthur Grimes Family that the donation was just a link in the chain. Madam Sayeh acknowledged that the gifts were students’ efforts and several tertiary institutions, including Cuttington University and Tubman University, were beneficiaries. Madam Sayeh also promised support towards enhancing the quality of the Newsletter and the Law Journal.

Dean Negbalee Warner thanked the Cornell Family for the supportive gestures towards the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law and acknowledged previous meaningful interventions of Cornell in enhancing the work of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law in particular, and the Liberian Legal Community in general. Dean Warner referenced initiating efforts of Cornell Scholar, Professor Peter Martin towards the establishment of the Liberia Legal Information Institute (LiberLII). Dean Warner, a former Cornell Fellow, himself, also lauded assurances from Professor Martin and other Cornell Scholars, of visiting Louis Arthur Grimes later this year. LAWSA President briefly bolstered in the Dean appreciating the benefactors.

Cornell’ most notable contribution to Liberia’s Law Sector is the work of Professor Milton Konvitz. For nearly 30 years he directed the Liberian Codification Project, which drew up the official body of statutory laws that is still in force in the Country. Konvitz also edited the opinions of Liberia’s Supreme Court. He received the Grand Band of the Order of the Star of Africa, the highest award given to foreigners. He was also conferred an honorary degree by the University of Liberia, one of seven honorary degrees he received in his lifetime.






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