LNBA President Proposes Mano River Union Bar Association

As nations of the World strengthen collaboration and breach barriers to integration, the Legal Community of Africa is on the edge of a breakthrough with growing view for harmonization of the law sector. Commenting on the subject at its annual Convention in November 2016, the Liberian National Bar through its President, Cllr. Moses Paegar proposed the formation of the Mano River Union (MRU) Bar Association. Counsellor Paegar believes such an Association will enhance adherence to the rule of law and instigate democratic tendencies that are expected of any structured body.

Referencing the progress in regional integration, especially the creation of the ECOWAS Court, the Bar President holds that the Mano River Union Bar will complement efforts towards liberalization in the sub-region. The Sub-regional Bar will enable lawyers from the Mano River Union Countries to practice law in each member state without obstacle. That the MRU countries are already collaborating in the areas of Trade and Security, there is no reason why restrictions on the practice of law should present obstacles to full integration and collaboration.

The visiting Sierra Leonean Barrister, commenting on the subject noted that Sierra Leone was already opening up to practitioners from common law countries on reciprocal basis. He added that Liberian lawyers practiced in Sierra Leone till Liberian Laws were found discriminatory to foreign lawyers. Liberia’s discriminatory legal regime presents the country as anti-integration. Concluding, Cllr. Paegar proposed the subject to the Executive Committee of the Liberian National Bar for deliberation and consideration.




  1. November 25, 2017

    Quite impressive.

  2. April 9, 2019

    Very informative NewsLetter articles. Can you please update 2018 and 2019 stories? I think the LNBA now has CLLR. Gongloe as it head
    hope to see more improvement in the future.
    Much appreciation

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